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Re-thinking your Hiring Strategy for the Distributed World with Aurora’s Dan Smolkin

Dan is currently the Head of People Operations for Aurora Solar, a platform focused on enabling a clean energy future for all. When he joined in early 2019, they were 45 employees primarily in San Francisco and have now grown to more than 100 team members across the United States. He believes strongly in taking an open source approach to People Operations by actively sharing and building useful tools for other HR professionals. On this episode of the People Analytics podcast, Dan and Sean cover
  • How the Aurora hiring strategy has changed based on the market conditions
  • What influenced Aurora to rethink their strategy around the decentralized team
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your decentralized hiring strategy
  • The specific advantages of leveraging a distributed hiring strategy
  • Language to include in a job description to capture the attention of great candidates everywhere
  • How to rethink your HR tech stack to enable a successful transition in hiring strategy
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Dan Smolkin

Head of People Operations


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