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Reading Time: 5 minutes In August, 4.3 million workers quit their jobs – a record-breaking number fueled by COVID’s uncertainty. It’d be fair to assume that fall’s increased retail needs would push that number down. Not by much. In October, 4.2 million workers quit, keeping what we now know as “The Great Resignation” steady and thriving.

Reading Time: 4 minutes In October, retail sales grew by 1.7 percent. As consumers began filling up brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants and more, the United States began feeling hopeful that the economy – still bruised by the pandemic’s effects – was on the up and up. But a growing retail industry doesn’t equate to less pain felt by business leaders.…

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March 2020, the world went into a tailspin.
The COVID-19 virus had finally made its global mark and everyone’s lives immediately shifted.

Reading Time: 4 minutes The human resources industry has a serious problem right now.

Reading Time: 7 minutes We have a culture fit problem when it comes to hiring.

Reading Time: 4 minutes As workers begin to get used to life with COVID-19, another challenge is set to appear: the inevitable post-COVID-19 culture clash.

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