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Hiring for Culture Fit with Arcules Stephanie Hammerwold

Stephanie Hammerwold is the Director of Human Resources at Arcules, a tech startup that has developed a cloud-based solution for video data management. Stephanie’s HR career spans the grocery, manufacturing, warehousing and tech industries. She spends her spare time running an all-volunteer nonprofit that helps formerly incarcerated people get back to work and advocates for fair chance hiring. On this episode of People Analytics, Sean and Stephanie discuss:
  • What it means to hire for culture fit
  • Giving the candidate an opportunity to evaluate your culture as part of the hiring process
  • Matching candidates with team members for the interview process
  • Best practices for match candidates with existing team members
  • Why hiring for culture can make your company more attractive to candidates
  • How Arcules defines its culture and measures it overtime
  • The cultural values the are important for success at Arcules
  • How Arcules uses assessments to level up their hiring effort
  • Defining a profile with assessment tools that can level up your hiring effort
  • What’s next for the people analytics tools for Arcules
  • Arcules Blog:
  • DevPro Journal:
  • Stephanie’s Nonprofit:
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Stephanie Hammerwold

Director of Human Resources


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