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Creating a Feedback Driven Culture with Elliot Epstein

Elliot Epstein is the Head of People at Galileo.  He has dedicated his career to building and scaling People functions in mission-driven organizations.  He has worked in people, culture, and organizational development roles across different sectors.  He lives in Manhattan with his husband, daughter, and rescue dog. On this week’s People Analytics, Sean and Elliot cover
  • Defining and building a “feedback driven culture”
  • Why you should consider when building a user manual for your team members
  • Ask yourself, “What can I do 10% better?
  • Creating a structure that eliminates bias
  • Anti-racism must reads –
  • How to Love Criticism with Adam Grant –
  • LifeLabs –
Connecting with Elliot
  • Connect with Elliot on Linkedin –

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Elliot Epstein

Head of People


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